Paul Okello

About me

My name is Paul Okello, and I’m the designer/developer/marketing strategist behind POD (Paul Okello Design). Creative design is a gift God has blessed me with and which has been developed and nurtured by His grace and mercy and so many incredible people in my life.

My mother recognised this creative gift in me and worked to nurture it, as did Ms. Kabajwara Irene, who played a guiding role in my secondary school life. Many others helped shape me along my journey as well.

The decision to go to Aptech for my university education was key in developing my design and development skills even more. The focus on practical learning at Aptech was invaluable, giving me hands-on experience in fine-tuning my design skills and development projects. Along with the theoretical knowledge I gained, this was an excellent foundation for my current profession.

In terms of design, I am strongly influenced by creativity, minimalism and functionality. I believe that design should be simple and not clutter up the user’s experience. I strive to incorporate storytelling and art in my projects, so that my work has the potential to make positive changes in the lives of users or the wider world. At present, I am using my skills to empower organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses with digital solutions that are both visually appealing and capable of providing tangible gains.

Through my work, I glorify God, believing that my creative gifts are an extension of His grace and love, and that when used properly they can be powerful tools in serving others and pointing them to Him.


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